Lorrie Harper

Lorrie Harper, MSPT

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your body feels twisted and out of balance
  • You are annoyed all day with that nagging pain in your neck, back, shoulders or hips…
  • You feel 20 years older than you actually are, and wish you could move with the same ease and grace you did when you were younger.
  • You ignored you flexibility until you feel trapped in your own body

Don’t wait for a health crisis. Take action now and create a life of strong, vibrant, optimal health.

Here’s what optimal health means:

  • You feel energized, strong and balanced everyday.
  • You move through life with physical ease and comfort.
  • You have a body that is flexible and adaptable.
  • You have the knowledge and skills to maintain balanced strength throughout your life.

Let Zenergy help you achieve this state of optimal health:

Start doing Pilates and create a toned, flexible, centered Pilates Classesbody that moves with ease and comfort all day long.

Achieve body balance with Structural Manual Therapy  restore ideal structural alignment, eliminate nagging pain and release deep muscular tension and stress.

Regain your strength and independence following injury or illness, and resume the activities of life that bring you joy, through Injury Rehabilitation.

Restore the gliding, fluid movement of the organs inside the body to improve organ function, eliminate pain and allow easy movement of the muscles and joints with Visceral Manipulation.

Are you ready to get going on the road to wellness?

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